Can you add or delete employees’ accounts?

Can you add or delete employees’ accounts?

Once you've created your account with Hellotracks you may add or delete an account as you need. You will only be charged for the total account you have so you will be only paying for what you use. 

How to add a team member?

Step 1: On the main menu click on 'Team' and then click on 'Add Member to the Team' 

Step 2: Enter the member information

  • Select the role type: Worker, Operator or Administrator. 
  • Enter a profile name for this member. E.g. Driver 1, John Smith, etc.
  • Enter a username. This will be the login for the member you can use an email address. E.g. john.smith, driver.johnsmith, etc. 
  • Create a password or generate an automatic password. 

Note* Remember, all data is always editable except for the username. 

Step 3: Click on 'Create Member'.
The new member account will be added to your Business Account. Every member will receive their credentials to the email address and/or phone number you entered. 
Remember you can always check the credentials, just click on the member’s name and click on the 'Open' button to confirm or edit the credentials. On the member's profile is always possible to edit profile name, password and contact email address. 


Step 4:  Download the mobile app!  Ask all team members to download the Hellotracks app to their devices and log in with the credentials you've just created for them!

How to delete a team member?

Step 1: Click on the 'Main Menu Dropdown' and select the 'Team' section. Select the member you want to delete.

Step 2: Click the  'Update' option below and choose  'Delete member', you will need to confirm. 

Note* Once you delete a team member, the action cannot be undone.

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