How to create and manage Forms

1. On the Main Menu click on Forms

2. Click on the '+ Form' blue button on the right upper corner 

3. Enter a title for your form and start creating your questions. To add a question simply click on the black circle "+" button and select the format for your question. When you are done click "save" on the right lower corner 

4. Once you have a form saved you can link this form to a Job or to a Place. This will allow your field staff to submit forms directly when opening a job or accessing a Place. 

a) If you want to link a form to a job when creating a new job or opening a previously created job, scroll down until you see the "linked forms" section. Click on the drop-down many and select the form (s) you want to link to this job. 

b) if you want to link a form to your places so that your field staff can submit a form per place simply go to the Places section on the main menu. 
Select one or more places, click the "Action" button and select 'Linked forms"
Click the drop-down menu and choose the form(s) you want to attach to the places selected. 

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