How to see my scheduled jobs for the day?

Assigned Jobs come to you in a simple manner for you to access throughout the day, follow the steps below to access them: 

Step 1: Open your Hellotracks app and tap the 'Jobs' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the app.  

Step 2: Once you click on the 'Jobs' button. You will see all the Jobs that have been assigned to you for the day. 

Step 3: To get more information about the Job and to access the features with Job Management tap on the individual job. You can also click the 'Optimize' button to re-order the jobs for the fastest route. 

Step 4: Once you tap on the Job, you will gain access to a number of features, these include:

  • Navigating to the job
  • Marking the Job as a success
  • Reporting that there is an issue

  • By tapping the 'More' menu (three little dots) you will have further options: 

*Note: There are also quick link options to upload documents and capture signatures below the Form section of Job. 

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