Understanding the Mobile Application Environment

We built Hellotracks with simplicity in mind. This overview will explain the basic functionality of the Hellotracks mobile application, as well as how to access and use the main features. 

On successful login, the selected application appears depending on the user (Administrator, Operator or Worker) and device (iOS or Android operating system). Here is a sample illustration of the main page (default view is Map) from the Mobile application:

The application is laid out in a structured format to give the most available data to the user with a minimal amount of click-through. In the example below, the layout gives you:

  1. Main Menu: Gives quick access to Team, My Places, Track History, Messages, Help documentation as well as access to deleting users, logging out and system settings. This will be covered in more detail below.  
  2. Team Bar: Contains the ability to find members of your team quickly. By clicking on any team member you will be able to quickly jump to where they are on the map and see their movements. 
  3. Activities Bell: Gain quick insights into what's happening and see activities going on throughout the day, these included check-in and check out's, jobs completed, and more.
  4. My Location: Immediately jump back to your current position.  
  5. Change Map Type: Gives different options of how you would like to utilize your Map, these include Basic Map, Satellite, and Terrain. There is also the ability to show or hide traffic.
  6. 3D Driving: Changes the map view into a 3D driving mode for driving, this showcases a street view of the map as well as tracking speed. Holding this button for 3 seconds will send an emergency notification to everyone in your network with your current position.
  7. Zoom In/Zoom Out: This allows you to simply zoom in or zoom out. You can also zoom in or out using two fingers swiping motions similar to other mapping applications. 
  8. Location Switch: IMPORTANT!, this needs to be on (i.e. Active) for the Hellotracks app to track movements. When not active the map actively changes to a dull grey colour (i.e. Not in service). 
  9. Jobs: This opens up all the jobs for the day. All jobs assigned to you for the day from your administrator or dispatcher will show in this tab when tapped. You can click the optimize button to re-order the jobs for the fastest calculated route. 
  10. Map: Gives different options of how you would like to utilize your Map, these include Basic Map, Satellite, and Terrain. There is also the ability to show or hide real-time traffic conditions.

If you are looking for access to other major features in the app, click on the  'Main Menu' in the top left-hand corner of the page:

From this menu, you will gain access to: 

1. Team: When you click on Team it will bring you to a list of all team members in your network. If you are looking to locate one team member, in particular, this will be one way to find them. You can of course use the Team Bar at the top of the application as well. 

2. My Places: My Places will bring up a list of all places that are registered in your network. By clicking on the Place, you will immediately jump to that Place on the map as well I see a small amount of information on the Place. The usefulness of Places will be discussed further in other articles. 

3. Track History: Track history will bring up a window with all of your recent tracks displayed. From here you can dive deeper into the track finding information out about the date, distance, speed, and length of time the track took. Track History will be discussed further in other articles. 

4. Messages: Messages will bring up all the messages in the network. Hellotracks uses PUSH technology in its Messages whereby you can send messages to single team members or the entire network. Messages can be received on your phone even if the app is closed. Furthermore, you can attach locations of Places or Team members or a direction. Messages will be discussed further in other articles. 

5. Jobs: Jobs open up a list of all jobs similar to the Jobs button on the main page. 

6. Help: Automatically open up the Hellotracks Help documentation so you can contact us or search for solutions in our Help Articles, like the one you are reading now. 

If you are looking for access to the User Account controls, click on the  'Main Menu' in the top left-hand corner of the page and click on the 'Account Menu' (three dots next to your username):

From this menu, you will have access to:

1. Settings: Settings brings up access to your profile where you can find your phone number and email associated with the account. Furthermore, it allows you to customize some aspects of your Maps, time formats, metric and language preferences. You can also boost your location accuracy in the settings. 

2. Status: The status feature allows you to change your status in the Hellotracks app, for example, if you are working you can put your status as working or if you are on vacation you can put your status as "Vacation" so everyone in your network has a little bit of information as to what your current status is. 

3. Emergency: The emergency button is useful for when in an emergency situation that needs to be broadcasted to the rest of the team. To send out an emergency broadcast notification hold the 3D driving button for 3 seconds. 

4. How does it work?: A short explanation of how Hellotracks works.

5. Question/Feedback Form: This will immediately bring up a form where you can submit a question or send feedback directly to us. 

6. FAQ: Sends you to the Help documents for Hellotracks covering a range of different topics. 

7. Delete User: Prompts you to permanently delete the user. Once you delete a user, all data will also be deleted. 

8. Logout: This button allows you to log-out of Hellotracks. 

Congratulations! you now know the basics of the Hellotracks mobile application! 

*Note: That is all we will cover in this article as we go deeper into the functionality of the features in other articles. 

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