How to create Places (Geofences) in Hellotracks?

Step 1: Open your Hellotracks app and zoom in on the map to locate the area where you want to create a new Place.

Step 2: Tap with your finger or stylus pen and hold for 3- 4 seconds until a purple Place label appears. 

Once you begin to create a Place, you will see multiple options on the lower bar. 

There are 3 options: 

1) Navigate to that Place. This allows you to navigate to the location you have picked, this is beneficial if places are made beforehand as you can then just navigate. 

2) Share that location with a team member. This will share the location using any number of apps that run on your device (e.g. Slack or Gmail).

3) Save to my places. This allows you to save the Place to a list that can be tracked and called upon in the future. The benefit of using Places is that it allows for better use of the automation features within your team. There is also the option to change how large the radius around the Place is, this ranges from 100.0m to 1325m which can be utilized with automatic check-in and check-outs of field staff. 

Step 3: Tap 'save to my places' and enter a name for that Place, remember to check the box to share with your team so that everyone can have access to the new Place. 

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