How to create Jobs from a Slack workplace

Step 1: Log into your Hellotracks account, go to Places, and click open the Place where your Company is located.

Step 2: On the Settings tab, scroll all the way down and click 'Add to Slack'

Step 3: Your Slack account will open automatically, make sure you are logged in otherwise log into your account. 

Step 4: Allow Hellotracks permission to access your workspace. 

Step 5: Now, you will be able to create jobs directly from Slack. Select a channel or a direct message, click on 'shortcuts', and then click on 'New job'. 

Step 6: Enter all information relevant for the job and then click 'Save', the job will be created on your Hellotracks account. 

You can also create jobs with the command /job or you can create a job from a message. Please, see below: 

After writing /job, you can enter each field: and the value as shown below: 

The values on the message will auto-populate the job fields as shown below: 

You can also create a job from a message by clicking the right menu (three vertical dots).

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