How to create, edit and import places (Geofences)?

Places are a powerful tool in Hellotracks aimed at helping you use geofence technology to create automatic actions like check-in's/out's

In this Article: 

1.0 How to Create Places 

Step 1: On the main menu click on 'Places' and click on 'Add Place' 

 Step 2: Enter a valid address or name and select the correct result from the search results. 
Note* You can also drag and drop the violet pinpoint to create a place.

Step 3: Enter information about the place in the profile. Remember you can edit this information at any time. 

Place profile

2.0 How to Import Places 

Step 1: On the right upper corner click on Import Places

Step 2: You can import your places directly from a KML or also by filling out the available Excel or CSV templates. Please see the example below: 

If you don't have the coordinates or any other column won't apply, leave empty. 

3.0 How to Edit your Places

Step 1: Select the place or multiple places you want to edit from the table. 

Step 2: Click on the 'Update' button below the table and select one of the options available. 

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