How to troubleshooting common location issues?

Step 1. Go to the 'Team' Table and find the user you are having issues locating in real-time. The column named 'Tracking' will offer the first hint bout this user's tracking status, e.g. GPS OFF, on the way, etc. 

Step 2. Click on the 'check connection' button to make sure Hellotraks has an optimal connection with this device. 

Step 3. Click on 'open' to access more details about the users' device 

- Mobile app should be updated 

- Battery level should be above 15%

- User should be logged in 

- Most recent location timestamp should be updated 

- Tracking status should be Active 

- Network and GPS location providers should be enabled

If the device seems to meet all the criteria for optimal tracking in real-time and you are still experiencing issues or a delay in location, make sure the device is ON and has an active internet connection.  

Important Information*

Some mobile devices will disable network and GPS location providers after the app hasn't been working in the foreground. If you are having issues locating the device make sure that the app is in the foreground to ensure connection. 

Every device is different and location settings vary, simply make sure that Hellotracks mobile app has permission to access the devices' location. 

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