How to customize data entry per Job for your field staff?

Step 1: On the main menu go to 'Jobs' or 'Dispatch' and the click on 'Dispatch Settings'

This is easily accessed by clicking on the 'Cogs' in the upper right corner of the application. 

Step 2: In 'Dispatch Settings', you will be able to edit the input fields available for the field staff for each individual job. 

  • When members tap thumbs down, they will see 'recurring reasons for issues in the field' and will choose to have a reason from the list available. 

  •  When a member chooses thumbs up, they will immediately see number or text fields to enter, as open answers or as a checklist. 

Step 3. Field staff will access all fields from their mobile app

Note* Remember all data is available when opening a job as wells as exporting job reports. 

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