How to auto-assign jobs?

With Hellotracks you are able to auto-distribute unassigned jobs to all team members, or to the team members of a preferred team.

Step 1: Once you've created or imported Jobs and you have unassigned jobs, go to the main menu and click on 'Dispatch'. Pick the 'Unassigned' and click on 'Auto-Assign'

Step 2: From the 'Auto-Assign' window simply choose what's your priority for grouping or clustering the jobs: 

  • Distance: route optimization based on less travel distance possible. 
  • Zones and Zipcodes: if you have previously created zones, the zones will be considered as the first criteria when auto-assigning (clustering). This will allow you to limit jobs to one specific area. 

Step 3: You can also enter the drop-off and pick-up capacity per member/vehicle. Selecting this means that unassigned jobs contain drop-off and pick-up values. Hellotracks will consider this value when distributing the jobs among the members available. 

Step 4: Then indicate if there are jobs you want to leave out from the auto-assign or members you want to leave out. See below: 

Scroll down to see a preview of the jobs 

Step 5: Click 'Apply Auto-Assing' and see the magic happen!  

Note* Remember the Auto-assign will take into account your team member availability, start/endpoints, and job time to calculate time and distance. How to create and assign team members to teams?

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