How to edit a team member's permissions?

Step 1: Click the 'Main Menu Drop Down' and go to your 'Settings'.

Step 2: Under 'Settings', you can configure your general settings: language, time format, time zone, etc.  You can also adjust your geofence preferences for automatic check-in

Step 3: Understanding Permissions

Activate or deactivate the account permissions according to your organization-specific needs:    


  1. Operators are visible on the map and receive jobs. Enable if your dispatchers are active on the field, you want to follow their real-time location and you may be assigning them jobs.   
  2. Operators may see workers of other teams on the map Enable if your operators will need to access other team member's location on the map. 


  1. Workers may see team members on the map. Enable if you want your field staff to see each other's location on the map from the mobile app.  
  2. Workers may access the jobs calendar. Enable if you want your staff to see past and future jobs.  
  3. Workers may reassign the date of a jobEnable if you need your staff to update a job date for a future assignation.
  4. Workers can create Places from the mobile app: Enable is you want your field staff to be able to create Places (Geofences) from the mobile app on the field. All places will be saved and shared with all members.  
  5. Workers may reject a job and you can allow your staff to reject an assigned job. Depending on your settings this job can be auto-assign to the next available worker. 
  6. Workers can apply route optimization 
  7. Your staff can optimize their route from their app, this will potentially change the order for the jobs assigned. 

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