How to modify auto check-in's/out's?

Modifying Auto-Check in's/out's

Step 1: Click on the 'Main Menu Dropdown' to enter your profile and settings. 

Step 2: Under 'Settings', you can enable or disable the registration of automatic check-in/outs for your field staff. In other words to register a timestamp for when your team arrives or leaves a place previously saved in your Hellotracks account. 

Set the delay for registering an auto check-in, i.e. the system won't trigger a check-in unless the member (mobile device) is at least 1min, 5min or 10min inside the geofence of a Place or a Job. You can also set the size of the default geofences (radius) for Jobs or new Places, i.e. small geofence = 100m or big geofence 300.

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