How to create and assign members to Teams?

Creating and assigning members to teams is one of the most helpful features in Hellotracks to help you keep track of what is happening with your teams. 

In this article: 

1.0 How to Create Teams? 

Step 1: On the main menu click on 'Team' and click on 'Team Settings'

Step 2: Under 'Team Settings' select the number of teams you want to have and enter a name for your teams.  Just enter a name for each team and click 'OK'.

Step 3: Under 'Team Working Hours', enter the availability of each team. e.g. Mondays: 6am-2pm . Hellotracks will take into account each member's availability when auto-dispatching and route optimization.   

Step 4: Under 'Routing Settings', you can enter the location of each team start and endpoint. 

Use this setting if you have multiple teams with different start/end locations. Hellotracks will take into account each team's start/end location when auto dispatching and route optimization.  

2.0 How to Assign Members to Teams?

Step 1: Under 'Team', select a member. Below the table, you can select one or more Teams you want to add to this member and then click on 'Update'. From here you can also remove a member from all Teams.

Step 2: To filter the visibility of Teams on Tables and in your Maps, simply click on your 'Main Dropdown Menu' and select the Teams you want to see. 

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