Accessing Hellotracks

You can access Hellotracks service via the web application or mobile application. If you have created a Hellotracks Business Account for your company please open a browser and go to On the Hellotracks website home page, you will find the Dashboard button at the top right of the page.

1.0 Signing Up for Hellotracks

If you have not created a Business Account for your company yet, you can do so, two ways from the Hellotracks browser screen.  

Step 1: Click 'Start 30-day free trial' or on Dashboard and then click the 'Don't have an account yet?'

Step 2: Fill out your relevant details and click 'I am not a robot'

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Password 

Note* Please try and choose a password that you will remember. 

Step 3: Please read and agree to the Hellotracks "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy"

Step 4: Fill out your company details and click 'Go to Dashboard'

Congratulations! You have created a Business Account for your company and signed up for a free trial. At this point, you will be automatically redirected to your new account.

2.0 Signing into Hellotracks

Step 1: Fill out your User name and Password.

Step 2: Click the 'Log-In' button. This will take you to your Hellotracks Dashboard.

Congratulations! You have now signed into your Hellotracks Business Account.

Note* If you are part of a company account but you haven't received or don't remember your credentials, please ask the administrator of the account to resend your credentials or to create a user for you in order to sign-in. 

3.0 Signing out of Hellotracks

If you have signed up to your Hellotracks Business Account, you can follow these steps to sign-out.

Step 1: At the top left of the screen, you will see a drop-down menu with your business name. Click the 'down arrow' on this drop-down menu and click on 'Sign Out' 

Congratulations! You have now signed out of your Hellotracks Business Account

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