Account Information

Since you are a new user to Hellotracks, it would be good to review how to access your account information and settings.

In this article:

1.0 Accessing your Profile and Account Settings

Click the ' Main Menu Drop Down' to edit your profile and settings. Alternatively, you can also click the 'Cogs' icon in the top right corner. 

If you choose the 'Main Menu Drop Down', it will give you the following menu:

2.0 Editing your Profile

Hellotracks gives you full access to control your profile. 

  1. To edit your profile, click the 'Edit Profile' 
  2. After you click on the 'Edit profile'  you will see the following window pop-up. In this pop-up window, you can also access and change data regarding 'Locations', 'Alerts', 'Settings' and 'Payment' options

Under 'Edit Profile', you can edit all your information. This includes information such as:

  • company name
  • phone number
  • change or find your password
  • company website 
  • business information
  • main email 
  • company address 
  • company brand icon

If you scroll down you will see information on:

  • Device: you will have access to details about your device which is relevant for optimum performance of the Hellotracks mobile app.
  • Tracking: tracking status and most recent location time stamp. 
  • Travel mode: select a travel mode that will be considered when routing and optimizing routes.

If you are using the mobile version of Hellotracks. You can see information about your mobile device, the current app version, and the battery level. You can also access information with real-time live tracking. 

  • Real-time tracking 
  • Traffic
  • Most recent location
  • Tracking status (ON/OFF)
  • Network provider status (enabled/disabled)
  • GPS location provider (enabled/disabled)

3.0 Editing your Location

Under 'Location', you can edit your location from the same pop-up window mentioned above

From here you can choose your main location in two ways: 

1. Type in the address in the search bar

2. Drag and Drop the pin to your address

4.0 Alerts

Under 'Alerts', you can edit your Alerts from the same pop-up window mentioned above.

Alerts allow you to use conditional statements to create automatic notifications for a multitude of things such as check-in's/out's and idle time of your workers. This information is sent directly to you so you can keep track of your workers in the field.

5.0 Settings

Under 'Settings', you can edit your account settings from the same pop-up window mentioned above.

Under 'Settings', you can configure your general settings: language, measurements, time format, time zone, etc. Decide how you would like to use automatic check-ins for your employees with time delay and geofences. Activate email notifications if you want to receive an email when receiving instant messages within the app.

5.1 Permissions 

An important feature within your Account Settings is Permissions


  1. Operators are visible on the map and receive jobs: 
    1. Enable if your operators are active on the field, you want to follow their real-time location and you may assign them jobs.   
  2. Operators may see workers of other teams on the map Enable if your operators will need to access other team member's location on the map. 


  1. Workers may see team members on the map
    1. Enable if you want your field staff to see each other's location on the map from the mobile app.  
  2. Workers may access the jobs calendar
    1. Enable if you want your staff to see past and future jobs.  
  3. Workers may reassign the date of a job. Enable if you need your staff to update a job date for a future assignation.
  4. Workers can create Places from the mobile app: Enable if you want your field staff to be able to create Places (Geofences) from the mobile app on the field. All places will be saved and shared with all members.  
  5. Workers may reject a job you can allow your staff to reject an assigned job. Depending on your settings this job can be auto-assign to the next available worker. 
  6. Workers can apply route optimization 
    1. Your staff can optimize their route from their app, this will potentially change the order for the jobs assigned.


  1. Workers can deactivate tracking
    1. Enable if you want your staff to be able to turn off/on the tracking mode directly from the mobile app. You will receive a notification when they turn tracking off/on. 
  2. Disable tracking outside working hours
    1. Tracking will be disabled automatically outside the working hours. This can be individualized per team or team member. 
    2. The individual team member working hours will always have a higher priority than the team working hours.   
  3. Choose an option for the automatic deletion of tracking location data. You can also choose to never delete this data.


  • Create statuses for your team to choose from whilst in the field to let you know their status with their mobile app. E.g. Busy, Available, Van 12, etc. You will see the status at all times right next to the worker's name. 


  • If you have at least one team that has an overnight shift make sure to enable this option so that your workers keep their assigned jobs for the day after the end of their shift. This will avoid any updates on their routes at midnight. 

6.0 Payment Options

Under 'Payment', you can see and edit your payment options from the same pop-up window mentioned above.

The payments tab gives you an option to change which credit card you use to pay for the service. It also shows you how many active licenses and upcoming invoices you have for Hellotracks. 

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