How to access and download Reports?

On the main menu click on 'Reports'. In the 'Reports' section, you will select the type of report you want to export. For every option, you need to 

  1. Select the members you want to export the data from 
  2. Select the time range, i.e. one week, one month, one day, etc.
  3. And click on "Generate Report" to download your report. 

1.0 Statistics

Click on 'Statistics' if you want to see an overview of mileage and jobs. Don't forget to select the time frame on the calendar above. You will access each member:

  • Total distance
  • Average speed
  • Max speed
  • Total registered tracks
  • Total Jobs
  • Total on time Jobs
  • Total delayed Jobs 
  • Total success Jobs
  • Total Jobs entered as issues 
  • Engagement percentage (Jobs with status updated and data entry from the total Jobs assigned) 

2.0 Create New

To 'Create a Report', simply click on 'Create New' and just follow the steps: 

  1. choose one from the options available, 
  2. select one, more members or an entire team below you want to include on the report 
  3. select the time frame for the report. 
  • Mileage report: an excel file containing all tracks registered per member with: mileage, average and max speed, start and end locations. See image below: 

  • Download Tracks as GPX file: GPX  is a data format for exchanging GPS data between programs, and for sharing GPS data with other users. GPX lets you exchange data with other GPS users, who might not be using the same software as you. 
  • Job Performance / Member: This report will allow you to export total jobs per member, each row contains all details regarding one job.  

Job Performance / Place: This report will allow you to export Jobs per place, e.i. all Jobs performed by any member in the same place. See below: 

* Each tab is a Place and contains all Jobs regarding that Place within the time window selected. A place could be a client, POI, etc. 

  • Total Check-ins: will contain total check-ins registered per member within the time frame selected.  E.g. Member A = 50 check-ins. 
  • All check-in/outs per Member or at Place. It contains auto check-ins/outs and manual check-in/out per member.

  • Login/Tracking Alerts: Contains all registered activities regarding the device and the app performance.
  • Timesheet report: contains total hours worked per day and breaks. Workers must use the tracking switch on the mobile app as a clock-in/out in order to register their hours worked. 

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