How to show proof of job completion to clients?

Step 1: Go to the main menu and click on 'Dispatch'. Click the 'Cogs' in the upper right corner. Then enable the option to send an email on Job completion to your customers. 

Step 2: The job confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered in the contact information of the Place related to a specific Job, or to the contact email entered in the Job Details. This is shown in the following two images.

Step 3: The contact email address entered for your Business Account will receive a copy of the Job completion confirmation email. You can always edit this email address on your account profile settings. 

The email will contain a short message and a link with Job inputs and activities as shown below:

EMAIL SUBJECT: Job Completion Confirmation - <Job title>


Title: Job/Delivery title 
Order #/ID: 34277

This is a notice to let you know the Job below was completed successfully, click the link below to access details. 
Click to open  




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